Why start a brand like SASSY BANGLES?

This brand began because of my amazing daughter and all my inspiring friends and family. So many stories, lifestyles, struggles and successes.

I thought that making something that you can always look at to remind yourself that you are what matters most and giving confidence to oneself was something that others needed.

“I want you to be empowered by our bangles”


What’s special about the quote on the bangle?

It was all these beautiful women - my friends and family - striving to be happier in their own circumstances, more confident and stronger, love their life and be proud of what they’ve accomplished, no matter what culture, age and lifestyle they have.

It was because of all these beautiful women, friends and family, who were striving to be happier, more confident and stronger, with their lives and be proud of what they’ve accomplished, - no matter what culture, age and lifestyle they have.

Each Bangle is inspired by different personal inspirations and heartfelt stories that really hit home for many other women.

I honestly believe that by wearing a bangle you will be inspired to be the best version of yourself. The positive affirmation message on your wrist will be an empowering reminder of how great you are. Everyone has some greatness in themselves, but many girls and women need to be reminded of this.

I want all girls and women to feel amazing! Never vulnerable. Never self-conscious. I hope the quotes on the bangles will cheer them up and inspire them too.

“Let the bangles brighten your day.”


Who are you?

SASSY BANGLES is an Australian brand, born and based in Jan Juc on the Surf Coast of Victoria. We are proud to be an Australian designed and owned brand.

With my background in design, I love to create unique products. As I believe in high quality, I spent a lot of time perfecting the bangle in detail and sourcing the best stainless-steel quality material possible.

A unique signature designed bangle is important to me.

I’m a happy proud mother of 3 kids. If I am not working on my business, you will find me in the gym, walking the dogs or spending time with my family and friends.

Made with a whole lotta love”

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